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I am a Potential Customer. Act as if the Microphone is Live!

My 19-year-old daughter was recently involved in a fender-bender accident.  A woman (let’s call her “Mabel”) made a left-hand turn in front of my daughter’s car, and they collided.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  Next up we hit the insurance companies (no pun intended). When we obtained Mabel’s insurance company information, we noticed that her insurer […]

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People Buy on Emotion, Justify with Logic & Make Decisions in Silence

In “Do You Truly Have a Sales Problem?” Leanne Hoagland-Smith is right about the second rule of sales.   People buy on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic.  Indeed the full importance and value of that statement often gets lost.  Yet there’s still much more to it. Pretium has found that salespeople often […]

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