Golden Touchpoint™ Delivers Brand Promise & Creates Loyal Promoters


Companies face tough customer service issues – how to sync their systems and processes to the whole idea of customer and brand loyalty, what to do to light a fire in their own employees to care about the loyalty issue as they interact with customers, and how to proactively demonstrate to their customers that a company’s brand is even worthy of their loyalty.  In order for companies to effectively and consistently generate product and brand loyalty in the minds and behaviors of customers, front line employees must engage in a powerful New Conversation, one that is infused with very specific and proactive elements that are built into the conversation and this New Conversation is backed with critical supporting elements.  Front-line employees, front-line leadership, systems and processes are unified to support the New Conversation, deliver the brand promise, and create Loyal Promoters, advocates for the company’s brand.  Pretium Solutions infuses this new conversation in The Golden Touchpoint.

Customer loyalty is built and sustained on the front line, in those daily interactions that take place between front-line employees and the customer.  The problem is the vast majority of these interactions, and the systems and behaviors supporting them, have not been proactively shaped and crafted to deliver the brand promise and build customer  loyalty. On the contrary, listening to a sampling of these conversations across industries between front line customer service employees and their customers, you see interactions almost purposefully contrived to move a customer away from loyalty.   Look at the results from any current survey out there measuring customer loyalty or brand loyalty.

The principles and behaviors of Pretium’s Golden Touchpoint™ change that landscape. Using our emerging operational and training methodologies in the Spring and Summer of 2011, Pretium worked to implement the New Conversation in the Consumer Care Products Division of Royal Philips across call center sites in Europe supporting more than 30 countries.

As a direct result of infusing the Golden Touchpoint™ into Philips’ fabric of its approach to customers, employee behaviors were transformed and Net Promoter Scores increased dramatically and sustainably across their customer care footprint.  Even sites performing poorly prior to the Golden Touchpoint™ sustained tremendous improvements. Across the globe and across the landscape of different industries and corporate structures, organizations and their managers face these very same issues every day.  With the Golden Touchpoint™,  managers face customer loyalty and brand promise questions squarely in the eye, then use Golden Touchpoint™ principles and behaviors to create an immediate and critical impact in those precious daily interactions between their front line brand representatives and the company to deliver their brand promise.


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About Scott Heitland

Scott Heitland is the Chief Operating Officer of Pretium Solutions. Scott also designs and directs the TRUE Performance Coaching™ component of the Golden Touchpoint™, Pretium’s revolutionary customer loyalty program in active use in approximately 50 countries and over two dozen languages. Scott began his career as a pointy-headed corporate lawyer, then discovered that entrepreneurship is a heck of lot more fun than billing hours. He also enjoys blogging from time to time about anything and everything related to customer experience.

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