Only Precise Front-Line Behaviors Will Deliver Brand Promise


What is your brand behavior? 

The right offer to the right customer is not enough.  When the offer is acted upon, the right behavior must also be in place to support the brand and the brand promise.  Offers by themselves will not build a brand if the people who are in the best position to anchor the brand image do not have the skills necessary to demonstrate the brand promise.

Responsibility for developing and coaching the kinds of front-line skills required to support brand behavior often falls on trainers (either internal or external).  The problem with this is that most trainers and training programs are geared toward systems, processes and products and not on how to purposefully and intentionally demonstrate and “live out” a company’s brand promise at the customer touchpoint.

In order to achieve the right results, trainers must be experts in training brand promise behavior, which is every bit as much a specific skill set as technical product expertise.

Original HBR Blog post below:

Building Better Decisions with Customer Insights (Webinar) by Jason Sylva

With social media and immediate access to information, consumers are empowered and in charge. With so many customers, so many ways to reach them, and so many types of offers, the choices for marketers can be daunting. So everyone looking for ways to better understand the current mindset of their customers, cut through the noise, and find a profitable way to send the right-offer to the right-customer at the right-time. Although promotions motivate the consumer, the risk of training customers to only buy on a deal is greater than ever. This can erode both short-term profits and long-term brand positioning.

Analytics expert John Dee Fair, whose portfolio includes work at Sephora, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, recently talked with HBR about how to target and interact with customers in a highly personalized way that not only drives sales, but also builds a broader customer understanding throughout the organization. Listen here (computer required):

View webinar: A conversation with John Dee Fair.


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