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The New Customer Service Conversation

If your current Customer Service Experience is not creating Loyal Customers, then the interaction itself must fundamentally change. Improving your Customer Experience and driving Customer Loyalty requires an entirely New Conversation with your customers.

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Sustaining Customer Loyalty: Do You Think You Can?

I am sure you remember the children’s story The Little Engine That Could.  The tough little blue engine just doesn’t quit.  He sees the hill in front of him, musters the courage to tackle it and begins churning up and up, slowly but surely.  A little bit at a time he makes progress despite the […]

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Customer Satisfaction Can Still Be Satisfying, Even When It’s Not Enough

I have read several blogs and articles lately that seem to be into dissing customer satisfaction as a legitimate call service center metric.  Some of the authors of these articles go to great lengths to point out the reality that satisfied customers are consistently bolting from one product to the next. We must move beyond […]

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What is Customer Loyalty? It Doesn’t Always Add Up

My youngest son, Jeffrey, was never very good at math.  He struggled from the earliest 3 and 4 times tables and could never find his comfort level after that.  It wasn’t for lack of trying (well, maybe sometimes it was).  He simply was not geared toward numbers. I remember the first few times he tried […]

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How to Motivate Your Customer Service Agents

Our front-line customer service agents are the heart and soul of our customer service operations.  After all, the customer service agents are the ones who actually interact with our customers, day in and day out.  Our customer service agents are the ambassadors and stewards of our brand.  They are the ones who create that all-important […]

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Is the Customer Service Experience You Create Typical or Transformational?

I recently had to call my Internet provider because my monthly bill had gone up unexpectedly by around 20%.  I remember being particularly busy that day with work and other responsibilities, but I figured I had better make time to call them while I was thinking about it or I would forget and find myself […]

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Top 10 Ways to Build a Customer-Centric Organization & Profitable Business

Satisfied customers aren’t enough.  To drive profitability you must generate customer loyalty and orient your entire organization around that mission.  Real customer loyalty is not a short-term proposition; rather, it is a long-term commitment to your products or services, company or brand. In order to create and build Loyal Promoters and improve customer retention, your […]

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