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Playing Only to Net Promoter Score (NPS) Promoters: Good Business or Risky Venture?

Recently, I came across an interview of Rob Markey, co-author of the Ultimate Question 2.0, about the current state of the Net Promoter Score movement.  The interviewer, Peter Fader, is the co-director of The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative and a Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School.  In the course of their discussion, they spoke […]

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Perceptions & Assumptions in Customer Service Conversations

During customer service interactions, it is easy, natural and often tempting for even the most well-intentioned customer service providers to quickly develop perceptions and make assumptions about a customer’s needs and wants.  However, problems can arise when those perceptions and assumptions are wrong.  When customer service providers become skilled at listening for understanding and asking […]

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Emotion Anyone? What Great Customer Experience & Tennis May Have in Common

I made what I think is an observation about an unusual difference between men and women today while I was on the tennis court.  That’s right, the tennis court. About four years ago, I began my tennis quest.  And my singular mission was and remains rather simple – to not be embarrassing.  You see, I […]

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How to Tell a Customer No: A Customer Service Skill

Having to say “no” to a customer can be a difficult pill to swallow at times, especially when you empathize with the customer’s problem or issue, and you would like to say “yes”, but company policy does not permit it. For example, if a consumer calls about a product failure in Year 3 for a […]

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Is Personal Customer Service Dead?

Maybe I am just getting older (I am forever 29), but I miss the personal service that used to be inherent in the customer experience.  I can’t say from a former era because it’s really not that long ago!  I’m not referring to the 1920s or 30s here – just the 70s! What happened?  Did […]

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An Essential Customer Service Skill – Listening for Understanding

Mature communicators will listen with active interest! In order to listen with active interest, there are four key essential elements you must use to listen for complete understanding of your customer. All these elements help ensure you hear your customer and let’s your customer know you are hearing what he or she is saying. Pay […]

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How to Create a Customer-Centric Organization

The goal of any professional sports team is always to win the ultimate prize.  As many of us saw this past weekend, in American football, the ultimate prize is the Super Bowl.  In European football, it’s the World Cup.  In baseball, it’s the World Series. To the casual observer, it may seem as if the […]

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