Avoid the Pitfalls of Perceptions & Assumptions in Customer Service Conversations

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During customer service interactions, it is easy, natural and often tempting for even the most well-intentioned customer service providers to quickly develop perceptions and make assumptions about a customer’s needs and wants.  However, problems can arise when those perceptions and assumptions are wrong.  When customer service providers become skilled at listening for understanding and asking questions before jumping to conclusions, they set the stage for creating optimal customer experiences.


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Jack Dempsey, CEO, heads Pretium Solutions’ Customer Experience & Sales Area focusing on Customer Loyalty, Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention Strategies. He directs Pretium’s revolutionary customer loyalty program, the Golden Touchpoint™. Pretium Solutions is a premier provider of cutting-edge, sustainable and globally-recognized customer experience management solutions and customer service, call center and sales training, consulting and leadership programs. Pretium shows companies how to create, build and maintain customer loyalty, the most important measure of a company’s success with its customers and the most profitable customer service outcome.

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