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Sincerity – What Role Does it Play in an Excellent Customer Experience?

What role does sincerity play in customer service and in creating the optimal excellent customer experience? Aside from being sincere, it is critical that customer service providers demonstrate their sincerity as part of the effort to create an excellent customer experience and meaningful customer loyalty.  

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The Winning Mindset for Call Center Management

Ok, so you are extremely busy, moving from one meeting to another, from one project to another, checking on the status of this system and that process.  You have barely had a chance to breathe throughout your hectic day.  Ahhhh, just another business day in the life of a call center manager. But amidst the […]

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When is the Best Time for Executive Coaching?

Lisa, our Vice President of Marketing, is having some issues.  She is not getting along very well with some other members of the executive team, and she seems to be executing on her own agenda.  She could probably benefit from some executive coaching. Our IT Manager, Thad, can’t seem to relate to his employees.  For […]

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Why First Call Resolution May Not Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Scores or NPS Scores

Of course, your first call resolution numbers are very important to you and your call centre.  After all, you have worked very hard to achieve your first call resolution targets.  Not only will good first call resolution results save your company money, they also suggest a better outcome for your customer.  So it just follows […]

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The Temptation of a Customer-Centric Organization: Cutting a Corner (Just One)

Business is great! Things are running smoothly.  Production and service levels are high, expenses are under control, working capital is healthy and cash is flowing.  You’re meeting customer expectations, and they love doing business with you. Taking a look back on your successes and challenges to achieving real customer delight and creating a truly customer-centric […]

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Customer Service Skills & Your Team

When it comes to great customer service or sales and the performance of your team, it’s often the little things that can make a big difference in the outcome with a customer or prospect. Sometimes all it takes to set the stage for a great customer experience is a targeted question or two that uncovers a […]

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Net Promoter Score – Nothin’ But Net!

Another season of March Madness is upon us!  For the next three weeks, sports fans throughout the United States will be tuned into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament and basketball fever will be in full swing.  Games and tournament brackets (and wagers) will be closely monitored.  Favorite teams will be cheered on.  The road to […]

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Excellent Customer Experience: It’s More Than Just a Good Sandwich

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel.” I don’t recall who first said this, but it really resonates with me.  And I believe it hits on what it takes to create an excellent customer experience.  More on that in a […]

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