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Transforming Companies to an Elite Level – Taking It Up Several Notches

In our conversations with business owners and leaders of organizations, they often tell us that they just want to take things up a notch.  I love the phrase “Take it Up a Notch.”  It’s a call to action for an organization to improve its performance and execution just a little bit, regardless of the starting […]

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You’re Not Sorry, Computer Lady!

Today’s blog may be considered more of a rant. One of my pet peeves with customer service is lack of sincerity.  This week I had some difficulty with my internet connection.  I had to call my cable provider and get some help.  I dreaded having to make a call into the cable company call center. […]

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It’s Only Commercial Affection

I was sitting in a restaurant the other day when a Mel Tillis tune I haven’t heard for years started up in the background – “It’s Only Commercial Affection.”  The lyrics of this song, especially “a fool and his money are soon parted,” made me think of companies that force scripts and fake sincerity onto […]

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Building a “Dialogue-Based” Relationship with Mature Communication Skills

These are great thoughts … you really hit the nail on the head. In our work with companies across the globe, we encourage managers to develop a “dialogue-based” relationship with their direct reports that puts them in a position to be able to understand the best “fit” for each employee. This kind of connection using […]

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What about those Loyal Promoters & Your Sales?

Doesn’t it seem odd that many companies will not hesitate to spend millions of dollars on marketing or celebrity endorsements, but at the same time, they consider their Customer Service function or the Customer Service Call Center as a cost-center, not a profit center? Celebrity endorsers rarely talk to actual customers other than through a […]

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Putting a Stake in the Ground for the Future of DRS Technologies

DRS Technologies is a defense contractor that provides sustainment solutions for field deployment in military settings across the globe. In early 2010, the company reorganized to increase understanding of and improve service for their customers. The resulting matrix-style structure created several Campaign Teams and meant a significant reporting change for key employees. Even more significantly, […]

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I am a Potential Customer. Act as if the Microphone is Live!

My 19-year-old daughter was recently involved in a fender-bender accident.  A woman (let’s call her “Mabel”) made a left-hand turn in front of my daughter’s car, and they collided.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  Next up we hit the insurance companies (no pun intended). When we obtained Mabel’s insurance company information, we noticed that her insurer […]

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People Buy on Emotion, Justify with Logic & Make Decisions in Silence

In “Do You Truly Have a Sales Problem?” Leanne Hoagland-Smith is right about the second rule of sales.   People buy on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic.  Indeed the full importance and value of that statement often gets lost.  Yet there’s still much more to it. Pretium has found that salespeople often […]

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