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Sincerity – What Role Does it Play in an Excellent Customer Experience?

What role does sincerity play in customer service and in creating the optimal excellent customer experience? Aside from being sincere, it is critical that customer service providers demonstrate their sincerity as part of the effort to create an excellent customer experience and meaningful customer loyalty.  

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Emotion Anyone? What Great Customer Experience & Tennis May Have in Common

I made what I think is an observation about an unusual difference between men and women today while I was on the tennis court.  That’s right, the tennis court. About four years ago, I began my tennis quest.  And my singular mission was and remains rather simple – to not be embarrassing.  You see, I […]

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Is Personal Customer Service Dead?

Maybe I am just getting older (I am forever 29), but I miss the personal service that used to be inherent in the customer experience.  I can’t say from a former era because it’s really not that long ago!  I’m not referring to the 1920s or 30s here – just the 70s! What happened?  Did […]

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The New Customer Service Conversation

If your current Customer Service Experience is not creating Loyal Customers, then the interaction itself must fundamentally change. Improving your Customer Experience and driving Customer Loyalty requires an entirely New Conversation with your customers.

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Navigating the Customer Loyalty Highway: Avoiding a Crash from Negative Customer Emotions & Effort

Customer experience research from the Customer Contact Council tells us that reducing customer effort is a critical component in building customer loyalty.  The more actual, or even perceived, effort customers must invest in the customer experience, the lower the chances they will start or continue down the road toward product, brand or company loyalty – […]

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Deconstructing the Screams – The Emotional Component of Customer Service Skills

A few days ago, I was drinking my morning coffee, skimming through my internet news updates when two headlines struck me – “Temper Tantrum Study: Children’s Episodes Involve Intertwined Feelings Of Anger, Sadness” and “What’s Behind A Temper Tantrum? Scientists Deconstruct The Screams.” “Deconstruct the Screams”?  Now that caught my attention – definitely worth a look.  My kids […]

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Increase Customer Retention: Don’t Send Them to the “Re-Tension” Queue!

Re-Tension: A second phase of tension that a company quickly creates for a customer who has finally decided to eliminate the first phase of tension that builds up slowly in that customer due to the company’s failure to provide good value or customer service. If you didn’t quite follow the definition above, then perhaps the […]

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Customer Loyalty – Convenience or Emotional?

The word loyalty is thrown around quite a bit inside the customer service world today.  Numerous books and scores of articles have been written and blogs posted about the importance and relevance of customer loyalty, as compared to customer satisfaction, and that there is actually little relationship between the two. A loyal customer is one […]

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Customer Loyalty – It’s Wanting to Experience “That Feeling” Again

Kudos to you, Alyson, for writing such an exquisite article!  I believe you captured the essence of customer loyalty.  The companies that excel at creating customer loyalty are the ones that make us feel good doing business with them. Customer loyalty, in the customer service sense of the word, can be many things.  It’s a […]

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Get Them to “Feel the Love” – Customer Emotional Needs Generate Customer Loyalty

A very nice article here, Mr. Lieu – like versus love is an excellent analogy.  The difference between like and love is found in their emotional foundations. We have found that in order to create loyalty in a customer, three things must happen.  First, you must satisfy the customer’s practical product-related need.  Second, you must […]

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Customer Loyalty – An Emotional Engagement

If a customer likes your company only as much as, but not more than, they like one of your competitors, then I would suggest they are not loyal.  Isn’t customer loyalty by definition predicated on the fact that the customer does business exclusively (or nearly exclusively) with your company, as opposed to your competition? I […]

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It’s Emotional! Customer Emotions Drive NPS

It’s Emotional! Net Promoter Score is an emotional score.  Whether or not a person recommends a product, service or company to his family or friends is an emotional decision. I believe there are three components that together drive customer service.  First (and most obviously), the customer has a practical product-related need.  Second, whether he realizes […]

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You’re Not Sorry, Computer Lady!

Today’s blog may be considered more of a rant. One of my pet peeves with customer service is lack of sincerity.  This week I had some difficulty with my internet connection.  I had to call my cable provider and get some help.  I dreaded having to make a call into the cable company call center. […]

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