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How to Create Customer Delight

One of the more well-known customer service goals is delighting your customers, a self-explanatory outcome for sure, but exactly how do you go about achieving this goal?  More specifically, how do you get your customer-facing employees to delight your customers? Customer delight is created first by how we listen and then respond to the customer, not just how we […]

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Motivating Your Customer Service Team

Effective customer service leadership requires setting high standards and expectations for your customer service team and then doing what it takes to help them get there. In this video blog, Jack explores how setting the right performance standards for your customer service team can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

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Do Customer Loyalty Programs Create Genuine Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty programs, such as loyalty cards and point systems, can be useful tools for marketing and for rewarding customers.  However, real customer loyalty is created during one-on-one customer interactions between a customer and the people acting on the company’s behalf, either a sales representative or customer service agent, retail associate or other customer-facing employee. […]

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The Power of Silence in Sales & Customer Service

One of the most underrated but effective tools in sales and customer service communications is silence. Customers and prospects often buy and act on emotion and justify with logic, but they also make decisions in silence. In this video blog, Jack explores the power of silence, a critical customer service skill, and how to utilize silence […]

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Sincerity – What Role Does it Play in an Excellent Customer Experience?

What role does sincerity play in customer service and in creating the optimal excellent customer experience? Aside from being sincere, it is critical that customer service providers demonstrate their sincerity as part of the effort to create an excellent customer experience and meaningful customer loyalty.  

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Customer Service Skills & Your Team

When it comes to great customer service or sales and the performance of your team, it’s often the little things that can make a big difference in the outcome with a customer or prospect. Sometimes all it takes to set the stage for a great customer experience is a targeted question or two that uncovers a […]

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Perceptions & Assumptions in Customer Service Conversations

During customer service interactions, it is easy, natural and often tempting for even the most well-intentioned customer service providers to quickly develop perceptions and make assumptions about a customer’s needs and wants.  However, problems can arise when those perceptions and assumptions are wrong.  When customer service providers become skilled at listening for understanding and asking […]

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How to Tell a Customer No: A Customer Service Skill

Having to say “no” to a customer can be a difficult pill to swallow at times, especially when you empathize with the customer’s problem or issue, and you would like to say “yes”, but company policy does not permit it. For example, if a consumer calls about a product failure in Year 3 for a […]

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An Essential Customer Service Skill – Listening for Understanding

Mature communicators will listen with active interest! In order to listen with active interest, there are four key essential elements you must use to listen for complete understanding of your customer. All these elements help ensure you hear your customer and let’s your customer know you are hearing what he or she is saying. Pay […]

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The New Customer Service Conversation

If your current Customer Service Experience is not creating Loyal Customers, then the interaction itself must fundamentally change. Improving your Customer Experience and driving Customer Loyalty requires an entirely New Conversation with your customers.

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