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Pretium Solutions offers customer service webinars and videos addressing the critical customer experience and customer service questions companies are facing now.  We tackle essential customer experience issues such as customer retention, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and the Key Performance Indicators companies use to manage contact centers and/or negotiate contracts when outsourcing call center services.

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Our Recently Archived Webinars

Customer Experience Optimization

Watch and learn how you can optimize the customer experience in your organization or company to ensure your brand promise is delivered and your front-line employees have the skills, techniques and methods to build customer loyalty.  See how your leadership learns to facilitate change toward a customer-center organization and sustain delivery of your brand promise on the front line.

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Creating Profitable Customer Service for Telecoms

This Webinar will show you how to create a Customer Service Experience that builds loyal customers and delivers Profitable Customer Service.

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Our Archived Videos

View our growing collection of Customer Experience and Customer Service video blogs where Jack Dempsey, CEO, and other Pretium principals give you practical and helpful insights you can take away and use immediately in your organization.  How to Tell a Customer No and Motivating Your Customer Service Team are just two of our popular titles.

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