Your Customer Experience Planning

You arrive at a crossroads. You have an opportunity to affect real change in your organization’s customer experience. You know your company’s problem.  You can see what customer experience areas need to improve and you can make the decisions which will improve the quality of your customer experience.  Or perhaps you have just been tasked with boosting your customer experience metrics or sales numbers.  Either way, you’re in the starting gate. So where do you start?  Unbiased discovery. The right customer experience planning and discovery will uncover the gaps in your customer experience processes and systems and inject the right customer experience actions and behaviors to drive your customer experience metrics and achieve your business outcomes. But, how do you identify what those customer experience difficulties are really costing you?  You need to identify this cost because quite simply, you need to know if the problem is worth the effort.  How does the cost of the problem stack up against the cost of the solution? If you cannot monetize the extent of your customer experience problem or sales issue, gaining support for any remedy is much more difficult.  Securing executive commitment relies on measuring the problem. So let’s monetize that customer experience problem.

  • What’s your cost of a lost customer? Or even a partially lost customer?
  • How many of your orders are lost or late?
  • What about employee turnover?  What is the toll on your employees for poor processes or excuses to customers?
  • Can you value the cost of breaking promises to your customers?  Or the cost of sending business to your competitors?
  • What about the loss of your reputation to customers?

Your mission has just begun!  It’s a challenging course to navigate.  We’re here to help. We can steer you in the right direction to assess your choices.  After all, it’s your reputation, your career, your choice and your mission. We know what’s at stake!   _Final_Stake title=