The Golden Touchpoint™

Customer-Service-Consulting-Customer-Experience-Training-Call-Center-Consulting-Customer-Loyalty-Consulting-Increase-Customer-RetentionThe Golden Touchpoint™ revolutionizes the way companies approach customer service.  

The Golden Touchpoint™ takes your customer service initiatives from ordinary to loyalty-producing.   

We engineer a New Customer Service Conversation between customer service agents and customers by engraining completely new customer experience skills and behaviors into the fabric of your call center operations.  The New Customer Service Conversation positions your customer and your customer’s story in the center of the conversation.  It pushes processes and systems, previously controlling and driving the customer interaction, into a support role.

We shift from typical reactive customer service behavior and provide customer service agents with specific methods and techniques along with innovative new customer service skills to structure each customer interaction to build customer loyalty.   By responding to customers’ practical and emotional needs customer service agents can create excellent customer service experiences, secure customer and brand loyalty. Identifying, addressing and satisfying your customer’s emotional need is a critical component of each customer interaction.

By using specific Golden Touchpoint™ methods, techniques and new customer service skills, customer service agents can generate the kinds of positive feelings that create excellent customer experiences, customer loyalty and a measurable return for companies. The Golden Touchpoint™  experience creates customer loyalty and serves as a powerful demonstration of the company’s brand promise to customers in the trenches on the front line.

Pretium’s success is proven.  

For companies using Net Promoter Score (NPS), NPS typically increases within 6 – 8 weeks after full implementation of the Golden Touchpoint™. Recent results include:

  • 38% increase for call center support in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg – highest NPS in history for these countries
  • 39% increase for call center support in France – highest NPS in history for this country
  • 155% increase for call center support in Greece

How We Do It – The Golden Touchpoint™