Customer Service Touchpoint Review & Evaluation

Customer Service Touchpoint Review, Evaluation & Planning

Customer Service Touchpoint During our distinct discovery process we work with you to evaluate how your company’s customer service delivery and customer service touchpoints are entwined with your products and processes.

We conduct a comprehensive business process customer service touchpoint review using our evaluation matrix to measure your corporation’s people, processes and resources against economy, efficiency, effectiveness and best practices.

Key elements of our Customer Service Touchpoint review include:

  • Interviews 
    • Key project owners
    • SMEs
    • Managers and supervisors
    • Customer service agents
  • Focus groups
  • Review of internal data points, customer satisfaction metrics
  • Assessment of systems and controls
  • Planning strategic goals
  • Review of area financials, policies, procedures and external data points
  • Review of actual recorded calls and/or face-to-face customer interactions

The in-depth customer service touchpoint review and evaluation includes an identification of measured gaps, risks and ultimately generates specific recommendations to improve the delivery of your brand promise.

Pretium engages in this discovery process in order to optimize the principles of the Golden Touchpoint™ methodology, tools, custom training materials and on-line learning modules for sustainability with a company’s goals and targets, industry specific dynamics and company and call center culture.