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Strategic-Improvement-Organizational-Performance-Improvement-Leadership-Development-HealthcareAs fiscal, regulatory and quality pressures mount for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, it is becoming increasingly common for parts or components of these organizations to lose focus, become entrenched in silos or develop value-draining habits that disrupt operations.  These situations may result from misunderstandings, conflicting agendas or just plain bad behaviors, and they often create ripple effects through the organization and ultimately damage service delivery and patient satisfaction.

It is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to effectively identify, address and overcome challenges in essential areas such as accountability, collaboration, engagement, process improvement and problem solving.  Pretium has worked on the full spectrum of strategic, organizational and performance improvement issues at leading healthcare organizations, including a hospital consistently ranked as one of the top medical centers in the U.S.

Whether the issues involve individuals, departments or the entire organization, our team has extensive experience and a strong track record serving healthcare companies in a variety of areas including leadership development, employee growth and development, objective talent management and organizational development.