90 Days to Accountability™ – Improve Organization Performance

To improve organization performance use 90 Days to Accountability™.

90 Days to Accountability™ shows entire companies, including the divisions and departments within companies, how to re-establish accountability from the senior leadership level through the mid-management team and down into the front-line and staff employee population.  

Organization performance improves as companies learn how to produce, develop and maintain accountability through intensive planning, strategy and implementation throughout the organization’s entire system.

The Program is ideal for companies struggling to identify and solve the root causes of their accountability deficiency and the attendant drains in value.  Design, development and delivery is customized for each client and combines the ideal mixture of facilitated planning and strategy sessions, group meetings and one-on-one coaching in the following areas:

  • Defining Key Performance Indicators/Critical Metrics
  • Defining Strategy
  • Correlating Roles and Responsibilities to Defined Strategy
  • Defining Standards and Behaviors for each Organizational Level
  • Creating Team and Individual Expectations
  • Learning Performance Management and Accountability Principles