Customer Experience Metrics for Success

Increase-Customer-Experience-Metrics Not measuring your customer experience yet and you want to?  

We can help.  We can advise you about choosing the right measurements for your business or even design a custom metric for you with our Golden Touchpoint Score™. Our unique Golden Touchpoint™  approach boosts Net Promoter Scores and other customer experience metrics, fosters customer loyalty and gains Loyal Promoters for your brand.  By aligning the human part of your organization with your strategy and operations, Pretium will help you obtain maximum value from your most valuable resource, your people.  Our work delivers a return on investment in customer experience for our clients.  We identify risks and liabilities for clients, as well as potential growth and other opportunities to explore.  

We integrate processes and systems with front-line behaviors, deploy new methods to bridge gaps in performance and manage customer interactions.  We challenge employees to align their behaviors to the brand vision and achieve bottom-line results. Our focus is execution of your brand promise delivery to drive customer experience metrics and sales metrics higher for a real return on investment.  

Evaluating Your Customer Experience with Key Customer Service Measurements

Pretium works with clients to create customized specific customer service measurements or customer service outcomes and objectives. All include a robust customer service measurement to define and evaluate the success of your newly designed customer experience.

We believe the time to discuss and finalize a customer service measurement plan is at the beginning of the program.

Whether you are using Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or another common or company-specific measurement, Pretium and the Golden Touchpoint™ deliver measured improvement and ROI on your customer experience.

A sample of some expected customer service outcomes we evaluate to ensure measured quantitative results include:

Customer service representatives meet the customer’s practical and emotional needs, create a low-effort customer experience in each customer touchpoint and connect the value a customer receives back to the brand.  A customer service representative creates a Loyal Promoter.

Supervisors and Quality Assurance leaders effectively coach and guide the customer service representatives to increase effectiveness in the Golden Touchpoint™ methods and techniques.

Corporate advocates create customer service sustainability through a New Customer Service Conversation and communication, with support and motivation as champions of the program.