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Brand-Positioning-Brand-Promise-Delivery-Best-Customer-Retention-StrategiesIn light of the maturity of the markets in which they operate, cable networks, satellite operators and other telecommunications companies face some significant challenges to future growth.  As competition and pressure on margins continue to intensify, customer service differentiation is essential for companies to acquire and retain customers.  In order to retain existing customers and attract others away from competitors, companies must deliver on their brand promise by providing exceptional customer service where it counts the most – the front line.

Customers often provide their current provider a chance to keep them as a customer.  Pretium is uniquely positioned to help our clients reduce customer churn and capitalize on every opportunity to take customers away from competitors.  We train and coach front-line customer-facing employees in the skills necessary to turn a voluntary disconnect request into a loyalty-generating service retention experience.  Agents and other front-line employees learn how to have a new and different conversation with the existing or prospective customer, one that creates value and causes the customer to want to stay or join as a subscriber.  We also show customer-facing employees how to uncover and leverage the customer’s unique value points in order to create greater value in the customer’s mind, which increases the likelihood of a new sale.