Vision-Strategy-Development-Performance-Management-Leadership-Development-Executive-CoachingDespite the ubiquity of digital content, the centuries old printing business is still alive and well.  During the 1990s, the printing industry experienced a technological revolution of its own, and digital techniques have been rapidly replacing traditional offset presses ever since.  The new technologies have allowed this sector to evolve capabilities geared toward more customization, better document management, and environmentally conscious materials and methods.

Pretium helps companies in the printing industry ensure that the Human Dimension of their performance aptitude is keeping pace with  the technological advances in systems and processes.  By Human Dimension, we mean the entire scope of emotions, attitudes, beliefs,  expectations, fears, competencies, behaviors, strengths and gaps in the workforce.  It is defined by the energy levels people demonstrate on a  daily basis and their propensity to harness and channel that energy to create value for or drain value from the organization.  We provide the  tools for companies to harness the Human Dimension and channel its energies to optimize performance.

One of our current engagements in this sector involves a comprehensive performance improvement initiative for one of the North American  sites of the leading global supplier of decorative, informational and promotional labels to the world’s largest consumer and healthcare  companies.  Our work with this client has consisted of a mixture of consulting and group and individual training and coaching.  From  mission, vision and strategy development to performance management, leadership development and executive coaching, Pretium is helping  this company to improve its operational effectiveness and enhance its value proposition.