Customer-Delight-Customer-Experience-Touchpoints-Customer-Experience-TrainingCustomer expectations in the retail industry require top notch customer service in order for companies to remain competitive.  Retailers in a variety of business sectors turn to us to boost the quality and effectiveness of the interactions between their customer-facing employees and customers.  They often turn to us after having tried multiple initiatives to improve their results, asking “Why can’t we get our customer satisfaction scores up?”

Challenges in this area faced by retail organizations typically arise from front-line employees not having the right behaviorial skills necessary for them to engage consumers in a manner that cultivates satisfaction and loyalty.  Traditional improvement methods, such as off-the-shelf soft skills training classes that focus on ways to delight the customer, are simply ineffective at creating powerful and memorable customer experiences and rarely produce more than a temporary upward spike in results.

We help retail organizations implement the kinds of systemic, transformative changes in the way they deliver customer service that are necessary to meaningfully improve their customer service/loyalty scores, regardless of the specific measurements or metrics used.  Working closely with our retail clients, we develop and execute on the right combination of training, coaching, consulting and follow-up to achieve sustainable improvements in performance.