Full Spectrum Selling™

  Improve-Sales-PerformanceThe bottom line is to improve sales performance.

From activity-based selling, to inside inbound sales, to cold calling and negotiation skills, we help managers and salespeople develop the skills, tools and behaviors necessary to maximize their results.  

After Full Spectrum Selling™ your team emerges with a fuller understanding of how to enhance the quality of the sales pipeline.  They will set sales goals using our activity-needed method and meet or exceed those goals.  Our sales development techniques, sales coaching and approach will retool your entire team and process from prospect to close in order to achieve your organization’s goals.

For inside inbound sales, 75% of the sale process is complete when the call is received. 

Pretium incorporates your existing sales model and transforms your team’s skills to complete the remaining 25% and bring the sale home.  If cold calling success is the goal, sales teams learn how prospecting skills are different from general selling ability and how to get beyond the cold call reluctance barrier with specific tools and sales coaching techniques.