Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Customer-Service-Skills-Customer-Service-Training-Profitable-Customer-Service-Customer-Loyalty-Brand-LoyaltyPretium delivers sustainable customer service where change is effectively sustained through a combination of several critical ingredients, all of which are effectively threaded together to form a tapestry of continuous guidance, support, motivation and accountability in the organization. High customer service levels are maintained when the Golden Touchpoint™ takes root in the organization, permeates from top to bottom through all levels of the Customer Service Environment to deliver your brand promise, reap true customer loyalty and create Loyal Promoters.

The ultimate success of the Golden Touchpoint™ program is keyed on sustainability in four parts:

  • Organizational Sustainability (the role of Call Center Management)
  • Managerial Sustainability (the role of the Supervisor)
  • Peer Sustainability (the role of the Advocate)
  • Personal Sustainability (the role of the Service Representative)

Pretium works with your company from the very start of our Golden Touchpoint™ engagement to ensure that all four levels of sustainability are built into the company’s plan going forward.