The Golden Touchpoint™ for Call & Contact Centers


The Golden Touchpoint™ – Going Beyond Call Center Training

The Golden Touchpoint™ is a cutting-edge solution used in more than 30 countries and over two dozen languages.

Pretium’s globally-recognized Golden Touchpoint™ for call centers or customer service centers serves companies operating their own internal centers, as well as companies outsourcing this particular aspect of their business to third-party providers.

For those clients who outsource their contact center responsibilities, in order to implement the Golden Touchpoint™, we collaborate with vendors to ensure customer experience performance improvements are achieved in ways that add value to the client-vendor partnership and contribute to the vendor’s success.

Our deliberate methods and techniques increase the quality of the customer interaction between the customer service agent and the customer.  In addition, the Golden Touchpoint™  improves Key Performance Indicators, such as reduce average handle time and improve first call resolution as well as other Key Performance Indicators typically utilized to determine the success of call center operations.

Working closely with our clients and when applicable, their outsourced vendor partners, we develop and apply the right combination of training, coaching, consulting and follow-up to achieve sustainable improvements in call center performance.  The Golden Touchpoint™ increases call center performance, however measured, increases customer and brand loyalty and is a return on investment for our clients.