The Golden Touchpoint Score™

Customer-Service-Consulting-Customer-Experience-Training-Call-Center-Consulting-Customer-Loyalty-Consulting-Increase-Customer-RetentionAfter years of seeing clients frustrated with their existing customer experience and customer loyalty measurement tools, Pretium created The Golden Touchpoint Score™.

The Golden Touchpoint Score™  is a custom Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Measurement Study. 

In order to improve your customer experience, you need data that is actually useful, tells you something about your front-line customer interactions and can direct you along the path of where changes and improvements need to be made.

Each company’s products and services are unique, so shouldn’t how you evaluate your customer experience also be unique?  The Golden Touchpoint Score™ delivers you exactly what you need with a multi-faceted evaluation of your customer experience.

The Golden Touchpoint Score™ measures if a customer’s technical issues are solved effectively by front-line, customer-facing employees. It also determines if the extremely imperative customer emotional need or sense of urgency is addressed by the customer service representative and finally, it evaluates how much effort the customer exerted to reach his or her solution.

The Golden Touchpoint Score™ is tailored for each company, only then can meaningful results about your customer experience be ascertained.

The Golden Touchpoint Score™  :

  • Provides a rich set of Net Promoter data to fully understand customer perceptions of products or services, beyond a simple Net Promoter rating
  • Includes a key short list of questions to be included in the follow-on transactional tracking surveys (key drivers of Net Promoter and/or other key assessment variables)
  • Includes web-based survey among customers with incentives for completion.

Golden Touchpoint Score™ questions are specifically tailored to gain useful, meaningful information. Questions include:

  • Core assessment questions (Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty & Net Promoter)
  • Specific, detailed performance/satisfaction questions related to key process areas impacting customer perceptions
  • Firmagraphic questions to help profile and distinguish customer reactions (e.g., job function, company size, industry, etc.)