The Golden Touchpoint™ Customer Service Training

The Golden Touchpoint ™ represents a significant change in the way customer service representatives approach, engage and execute an interaction with a valued customer.  

This change is a behavioral phenomenon.  For most people, change is not easy to adapt to, and when it does occur, is it often difficult to sustain.  It is for these reasons that we commence every Golden Touchpoint™ engagement stressing to each client, a well-designed and well-executed plan for sustainability is critical to maintain the changes which begin for the organization in the training and coaching phases of the Golden Touchpoint™. 

Change is successfully sustained only through a combination of several critical ingredients, all of which must be effectively threaded together to form a tapestry of continuous Guidance, Support, Motivation and Accountability – these are the ingredients of change, and we are convinced that they must be pervasive top to bottom throughout all levels of the service center environment in order for the Golden Touchpoint™ to ultimately take root, grow and reap the true harvest of customer loyalty. The ultimate success of the Golden Touchpoint™ is keyed on this sustainability in four parts:

  1. Organizational Sustainability (the role of relevant Managers)
  2. Managerial Sustainability (the role of Supervisors)
  3. Peer Sustainability (the role of Advocates)
  4. Personal Sustainability (the role of Reps)

We work with each organization from the very start of the Golden Touchpoint™ process to ensure that all four Levels of Sustainability are built into their customer experience design and program.

Supervisor/Quality Assurance Certification

Customer Service Advocate Certification

Customer Service Representative Training and Certification