Transportation & Automotive

Transportation-and-Automotive-Success-Sales-Performance-Customer-Brand-LoyaltyThe transportation industry has struggled in many ways to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.  Effective integration of emerging technology, public policy and efficient operations are just some of the pressing challenges facing many companies in this sector.  Organizations operating in this kind of business environment often find it difficult to maintain the kind of focus on sales and customer service they know is required to stay competitive.

Pretium’s work in this sector has enhanced sales and customer service performance for a leading transporter of industrial, commercial and retail goods in North America and the largest retailer of automotive and light truck parts in the United States.

Whether the need involves designing and building an entirely new sales system or tweaking and refining part or all of an existing system, Pretium delivers hands-on consulting, training and coaching at both the front-line and management levels to predictably improve sales results. We help clients think through and refine sales compensation plans, enhance sales management practices, fine-tune procedures and forms, and redefine the roles of inside and outside salespeople.  All of this work in the trenches is supported by strategic thinking and insightful industry perspectives to help companies in the automotive and transportation industries bring their sales and customer service systems, processes and behaviors into alignment with the challenges facing them in the marketplace.