Utilities & Electrical


Utilities Electrical Industry Success Customer Service Loyalty Sales PerformanceThe utilities sector is complex and changing rapidly as companies pursue new models of value creation.  The relationship between energy providers and consumers is evolving.  Customers are demanding an expanded relationship with their energy provider as they seek more control over energy consumption to meet goals such as conserving energy, saving money or reducing their environmental imp

Many factors including energy prices, environmental concerns and transformational technologies are influencing a gradual transition of utilities from the traditional industry model, one focused primarily on the transmission and distribution of reliable energy to consumers at the lowest possible cost, to an information-driven industry model.  In this new model, information flow is no longer one-way but rather dynamic, real-time and complex.act.  Despite the recent global economic downturn, the evolution of this relationship is accelerating as utilities aggressively deploy enabling technology, providing the means to deliver a much improved customer experience.

Fundamental to the new model are specific capabilities that help a utility manage an effective, information-rich and increasingly complex customer relationship. Becoming more focused on customer experiences and better customer interactions is becoming an industry imperative.  Evolving customer expectations, new technologies and regulatory demands are accelerating this imperative.  Utility companies can ride the change, but smart ones will lead it by becoming customer-focused utilities that help define and manage an expanded customer relationship.

Pretium’s work in the utilities and electrical industries has helped the largest global player in advanced metering solutions for utilities (operating in 30 countries across the globe and with an installed base of over 300 million electricity meters) and a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide variety of electrical overcurrent and overvoltage protection products and whose brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs.